Second has officially been certified as an Earth Care Congregation by the Presbyterian Church (USA). This certification recognizes Second’s environmental achievements in worship, education, facilities, and outreach activities in the life of the church. With our Earth Shepherds leading the way, Second is always looking for ways to go green. Here are just a few of the things we’ve done lately:

– Installed energy efficient lighting
– Installed motion sensors on restroom lights
– Promoted recycling within our building
– Provided a community recycling bin
– Installed new double-pane thermal windows to cut down on energy costs
– Installed air dryers in restrooms
– Built an outdoor stairway with composite wood
– Planted additional trees
– Installed an efficient HVAC furnace system
– Promoted a “Give up the plastic bottle campaign” during Lent

Last, but not least, we recently installed 102 new solar panels on our facility’s roof, becoming the first church in Kansas City, Missouri to be powered with solar energy. Check out the news coverage by KCTV5:

Our solar energy system is capable of producing 25,000 watts of electricity, and will contribute significantly in reducing the church’s carbon footprint. Overall, the system is projected to cover approximately 8% of Second’s energy costs, and will save an estimated $100,000 over the next 20 years.

The project began as an initiative of Second’s Building and Grounds Committee, chaired by Jason Jeffries. After investigating several options, the Committee agreed to partner with Lawrence, KS-based contractor Cromwell Solar. Through a special lease agreement, Second was able to pursue two programs not commonly available to non-profits, including a tax incentive through the Department of Energy and a utility credit through Kansas City Power and Light.

Press coverage of the solar panel installation:

KCTV5 News