Contact Information
Second Presbyterian Church
318 E. 55th St.
Kansas City, MO 64113
Phone: (816) 363-1300
Fax: (816) 363-4942

Early Childhood Learning Center:
Mary Jane Baker

Director of Communications
Alex Treaster
ext. 221

Worship Leader
Nick Pickrell
ext. 234

Choir Director
Stacy Van Hoecke

Asst. Administrative Secretary
Derinda Moore
ext. 231

Director of Children’s Ministries and Engagement
Emily Nelson Dixon
ext. 233

Minister for Youth and Mission
Jimmy McCarty
ext. 222

Associate Pastor
Kristin Riegel
ext. 226

Church Operations Manager:
Marsha Kirsch
ext. 230

Business Manager:
Johnnie Baker
ext. 223

Accounting Assistant:
Christi Paschang

Paul Rock
ext. 225