Our mission statement:
“We exist to love God, ourselves and others — whoever, however and wherever they are — with a love that transforms us all.”

At Second, our mission of loving God, ourselves and others guides us in all that we do. We live out this mission with a set of five core values:

We value deep and meaningful relationships with one another. Friendships, connections and a sense of community are important. We care well for one another. We value relationships with our neighbors, including those of different faith backgrounds, life experiences, racial/ethnic backgrounds and ages. People know we are followers of Christ by the way we love others.

Openness and Inclusiveness
We value being open to different ideas, perspective and life experiences. We are open, welcome and affirming of people with different physical, mental and emotional abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities, racial/ethnic backgrounds and theological and political beliefs. Following the example of Jesus, we seek to welcome all people, letting them know they are loved and valued.

Faith in Action
We value putting our faith into action by working alongside communities, locally, nationally and internationally. We believe transformation happens in us and in the world when we build relationships and work with our neighbors. We feed the hungry, care for those who are sick and provide hospitality to groups who use our church building for community gatherings. We are involved in peacemaking and social justice movements. We value working with others to build a more just, loving world for all people because this is what our faith in Christ moves us to do.

Spiritual Growth
We value learning and spiritual growth. We ask questions, include room for doubt and seek to grow in our relationship with Jesus and one another. Spiritual growth and faith formation happen through worship, classes and small groups as well as through putting our faith into action. We meet people wherever they are on their journey of faith and support them to take the next step.

We value risk-taking. When the living God nudges our collective conscience and we feel compelled to address injustice, admit a failure, or set out on a new adventure, we like to think we’re a church that listens and responds. Second has a history of making bold moves and statements which challenged the accepted norms of the times. While such risks don’t always result in “success,” we value being a community that is not afraid to be re-formed by Christ and take risks to live the gospel in bold, relevant ways.

With these core values in mind, Second is working to live into its vision for the coming years. This vision is centered around five key areas of focus:

(1) Greater Diversity

(2) Greater Engagement with the Local Community

(3) Growth in Numbers

(4) Nurturing Relationships

(5) Spiritual Growth

Learn more in this summary of our strategic vision, The Great Report.