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Our congregation has a rich history of ministry and growth, rooted in commitment to new ideas and mission. The church was founded by a group of seven women, three men, and its founding pastor near the end of the Civil War as a progressive, anti-slavery congregation. Second flourished in the early years despite many setbacks. In 1916, Second settled in one of Kansas City’s first suburbs at 55th Street, between Brookside Blvd. and Oak, where we still happily abide today – south of the Country Club Plaza and north of Brookside.

Members of Second are avid in their dedication to studying and knowing God and wrestling with the call to be Christ in the world. The same fidelity to Christ’s justice that gave birth to the church  150 years ago still energizes our congregation today. Our passion for mission is perhaps our greatest strength.  We are thankful for our rich tradition and global connection through the Presbyterian Church USA.