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Our mission statement:
“A people being transformed by Christ to help transform the world.”

Second Church is a community more than a place. Yet God has placed us, purposefully, in the heart of Kansas City. Our old sanctuary is lovely and cruciform in shape. It is also imperfect and unfinished. Those of us who gather here are likewise imperfect and strive to incarnate and advance Christ’s ministry of transformation. But we are a people who, with God’s help, make things happen.

This is a taste of who we are:

We are children and adults, single and married, native and transplants. Our collars are white and blue. We are straight and gay, Republican, Democrat and Independent, rookies and veterans, introverts and extroverts. We welcome all people. We find unity in Christ’s mission to transform lives and communities. We are all ministers.

We gather under a big tent, yet our tent stakes are driven in loosely, ready to move when God moves. Our canvas graciously covers a wide theological and political stretch of landscape. We come from different places and hold differing views while affording each other the grace and respect that our God has poured out on us. We care deeply for each other. We love to laugh and share a meal. We love to make meals for those in need. We draw together to support as well as to challenge each other. We look for ways to help each other refine and employ our gifts.

We are committed to service and mission because we want to continue the work of Jesus. We advocate for those without a voice, stand with the marginalized, touch the unclean, empower the powerless and proclaim the reign of God in all we do. We are aware of our abundance and that where our treasures are, there our hearts will be. Therefore we strive to be generous givers, knowing that as we do so we are sanctified and made truly wealthy.

We are eager to learn and grow, in harmony with our heritage that lifts up the importance of education. We cherish our children, nurturing them as we strive to become like them. We engage in healthy dialogue and appreciate the challenge that a new perspective brings to our limited perception of God. We hold a high view of the scriptures and are committed to the hard work of discerning God’s will. We are not afraid to live out and talk about our faith in Christ with others and we relish the chance to learn from the faith of others.

We invite others to gather with us to celebrate God’s grace and experience God’s presence. Together we wait, we lament, we give thanks and we realign ourselves with an eternal perspective. We encourage one another to accept Jesus’ invitation to be fully human even as we celebrate our call to transform the world.

God’s mission comes first. We are Second.