Second Church is a community of curious, inquisitive learners and action-oriented doers. We are young and old, single and married, gay and straight. Our collars are white and blue. We are Republicans, Democrats and independents. We are long-time residents of Kansas City, recent transplants and students who are here for only a few years. We are new to the Christian faith and long-time disciples of Christ.

We are a community who loves and cares for one another deeply. We deliver meals to people after they have had surgery. We ask each other how we are doing and take the time to listen to the answer. We love to laugh and share stories. We have fun together. We are there for one another when life is hard and there are no easy answers. We welcome and accept one another with love.

We are a community that takes scripture seriously, but not literally. We seek to listen to the Spirit of God who continues to speak through scripture and to our lives and relationships today. We encourage questions and learning. We value our children and youth and seek to learn with and from them. We like being challenged. We see faith as a journey. We are committed to growing as followers of Christ.

We are a community that intentionally names and celebrates diversity — political, theological, physical, emotional, racial/ethnic, sexual orientation and gender identity — as a gift from God. We seek to listen openly to people with whom we disagree. We value relationships with people of different faiths, racial/ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, economic classes and life experiences.

We are a community that lives our faith in our daily lives through actions big and small. We share our financial resources, time and spiritual gifts to support Christ’s transforming work in the world. We believe faith calls us out into the world to feed the hungry, care for the sick, build relationships with our neighbors and work for justice, dignity and peace for all people. We follow Jesus and practice love in our homes, workplaces and schools.