The Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
An international art dealer and a modern-day slave from Louisiana become friends after the art dealer is roped into volunteering at a homeless shelter by his saintly wife. Sounds like it’s got to be fiction, but that’s the true story told in Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore (W Publishing, June). To learn more, check out this preview at

The Known World by Edward P. Jones
Prior to the Civil War, some free black people owned slaves. Author Edward P. Jones picked up on that little-known fact and has written a vivid first novel that looks at slavery through a different lens. On Morning Edition, hear an interview with Jones and a review of The Known World. (MorningEdition, October 28, 2003)

The Tortilla Curtain (1995)

A novel by U.S. author T.C. Boyle about middle-class values, illegal immigration, xenophobia, poverty, and environmental destruction. Of the eleven novels Boyle has written so far, The Tortilla Curtain has turned out to be his most successful.

Sustainable Capitalism – A Matter of Common Sense
by John Ikerd.
Provides a discussion on achieving and maintaining a new economics of sustainability, including how social and ethical values must be reintegrated into capitalist economics – Provided by publisher (Kumarian Press, Inc. 2005)

Divine Justice, Divine Judgment – Rethinking the Judgment of Nations by Dan O. Via.
In the weeks after September 11, 2001, some conservative evangelists spoke of the terrorist attacks as God’s judgment on the United States. Such comments appalled other Christians, who insisted the U.S. was an innocent victim of an act of pure evil. Dan O. Via offers a nuanced, sensitive, and deeply challenging exploration of the biblical themes of God’s justice and judgment over the nations. (The Rev. Dr. Nancy Victorin-Vangerud)

So Help Me God – The Founding Fathers and the First Great Battle Over Church and State
by Forrest Church.
Forrest Church has given us an illuminating study of the great tangle of our times: the complex connection between religion and politics. If we look back to our early years, we may well find a way forward. Church’s book is an excellent contribution to that search for sanity amid the storms of the present. (Jon Meacham, author of American Gospel)

Jesus, The Bible, and Homosexuality – Explode the Myths, Heal the Church
by Jack Rogers
This book is simply wonderful – an intelligent, well-researched, amazingly helpful contribution by a person of faith to one of the most difficult debates of our time. Jack Rogers just might change both the tenor and the content of the argument over homosexuality in the Christian church. (Joanna M. Adams, Pastor, Morningside Presbyterian Church, Atlanta)