Our vision for our facility, completed over the last two years, included the following three phases:

(Phase 1) – Honoring our Past, Securing Our Future – Completed!
The work began as we honored our past through restoring and securing our tower which has definitively marked our church’s historic entrance since 1917. The restoration ensured the preservation of the beautiful architecture, improved accessibility and addressed safety concerns. The project included reconstructing the top portion of the tower, replacing deteriorated stones and pouring new stairs.


(Phase 2) – Creating Accessible, Community-Rich Spaces – Completed!

The second phase of our improvements was devoted to making the core of our building more accessible and better suited for outreach and gatherings. A major improvement was the installation of a larger, central elevator that is ADA compliant. For the first time, we now have elevator access to all floors of the building, including the Calvin Center (basement). In addition, phase two created new, sun-lit lobbies on each floor that are now being used as spaces to gather and connect.

(Phase 3) – Extending a Message of Invitation to our Neighborhood – Completed!
Phase three involved the creation of a new welcoming entry and a front porch for our neighborhood, which was a key part of our vision for reaching out and beyond our walls. The porch visually and practically invites people from the neighborhood and provides a more attractive facade to our west, where 14,000 cars and hundreds of runners, walkers and cyclists pass each day. The phase three improvements also accomplished these exciting improvements:

(1) Created an ADA bathroom and shower in Calvin Center (basement).
(2) Created a light, welcoming and obvious path from our new, west entry to our central elevator lobby.
(3) Deconstructed our west wall facing Brookside Blvd. and replaced it with a well-lit and inviting front porch with a clear main, ADA compliant entrance and additional door to the north. In addition, the porch will alow for even grade access from both 55th St. and the north parking lot.
(4) Created a new Community Room, directly accessible from the front porch, that provides a space for neighborhood gatherings, and Second Church events, worship services, classes and small groups.


In addition to these building improvements, the overall vision included a fourth phase to support new and existing ministries.

(Phase 4) – Rethinking and Sustaining our Vibrant Ministries – Ongoing Implementation
As we create our new building spaces, we seek to fill them with vibrant ministries that demonstrate God’s love and transform lives. Our strategic vision, The Great Report, includes many creative ideas and recommendations for adapting current ministries or attempting new ones to ensure that our mission, vision and values are advanced. Learn more in The Great Report.