…in 1995 between Heartland Presbytery and Maya Quiche Presbytery, made up largely of churches of indigenous peoples of the area around Quetzeltenango, Guatemala’s second largest city, known also as Xela.

pipesSecond’s Involvement
Delegations from Heartland, including a number of participants from Second Presbyterian Church, have made annual trips to Guatemala, and on occasion have hosted members from Maya Quiche in the Kansas City area.

In 2004 Heartland Presbytery and Maya Quiche Presbytery asked Second Presbyterian Church to begin the process to install a Living Waters for the World water purification system at Mount of Olives Presbyterian Church in Almolonga. Since that time some members from Second have been trained at Living Waters University in the areas of covenant relationships, system operations, and health education, and under their leadership twenty-some others from Second have been involved—some making annual trips to Guatemala. The Almolonga installation was completed in 2005 and a second was done in 2007 at Eben-Ezer Presbyterian Church in the small village of Los Angeles.

friends2Why Bother? 
The primary goal of our relationship with the people of Maya Quiche is to work in partnership. Not to go with answers to their problems, not to go to fix things in their lives and communities, not to go to build schools, churches, or clinics—but to build relationships. To share who we are as followers of Jesus Christ is the culture where we live, and to seek to learn how followers of Christ in Guatemala live out their faithfulness. To share love and care, to share hopes and dreams, to share common commitment to being Christ’s people in the world.

kitchenKeeping the Mission Alive The Guatemala Action Team of Second provides leadership for the congregation, including children, in education about Central American and Guatemalan issues, relationship with Guatemalans in Kansas City, and opportunities for mission service. Discussions of books that relate to Guatemala are held on a regular basis.