Health care today is one of the public’s most significant domestic concerns. It affects all of us in differing ways; whether it’s the availability of coverage, the cost of coverage, or the adequacy of coverage. The committee has been actively involved in partnership with the local Church Community Organization (“CCO”) in advocating for governmental changes in health care coverage for the poor, and it has supported recent ballot initiatives in respect of smoking. We will continue to educate, advocate and serve in this important area.

Health Care Action
– Reform needs to cover everyone, so that no person relies on an emergency room for their health care or delays treatment because they lack insurance or have been denied coverage;

– Reform needs to rest on a financially sustainable foundation, providing people with the care they need when they need it and controlling costs.

If these principles are helpful to you, you may wish to make use of them as you encourage your elected officials on this issue.

Social Justice and Peacemaking Committee, Second Presbyterian Church

The Social Justice and Peacemaking Committee encourages all folks of Second Presbyterian Church to have a voice in national discussions on health care reform. As the editorial in the current issue of Christian Century puts it,


As…debate heats up, lawmakers will hear a lot from lobbyists about the power of “private markets” and the value of “choice” when it comes to health insurance. They should realize that the voices of the well-funded lobbyists defending the existing system do not speak for the people who have most at stake in this debate: the vast majority of doctors, nurses and (insured and uninsured) patients.

             Century editors, July 14, 2009.