Ordinary Joy in Extraordinary Times

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen countless examples of people finding ways to share joy, encouragement and happiness. This season continues to be a difficult time for many, but how is that we are able to find joy even in the midst of a pandemic? In our new series, we’re talking about daily practices to help bring us a deeper sense of peace, calm and joy so that we can experience God’s presence more fully. As part of our series, we’ll also deconstruct some of the misinterpretations about joy and Christianity, and find out what scripture and Jesus actually tell us about why tending to joy is an important part of practicing our faith.


Ordinary Joy in Extraordinary Times: Practices to Try at Home

Every Monday, we’re sharing a different spiritual practice for you to try at home to cultivate joy in your own life. The practices are easy to do and you can try one or all of them. Learn more on the Spiritual Practices page.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Resources for Cultivating Joy

– A free Yale class on the Science of Well-Being, led by Dr. Laurie Santos, available here.

– Dr. Santos’ podcast, “The Happiness Lab,” available here on Apple podcasts.