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Summer Series: “We are the Answer”

In 2020, we’ve seen Second members and friends stepping up — organizing and inviting others to be a part of anti-racism conversations and events, working with our mission partners to see how we can continue serving in the midst of a pandemic, and checking in and caring for one another in a multitude of ways. All of this action on the part of Second isn’t suprising — after all, “faith in action” is one of our stated core values — but it comes at a time when many people are asking “What should we be doing?” in response to questions about life, health, race and society. While we acknowledge that solving these problems will take significant and systemic change, we also acknowledge that, as part of those systems, we are also part of the answer. For five weeks this summer, we highlighted what you are doing, what WE are doing as individuals and households and neighborhoods across Kansas City to be the change we want to see in the world. Learn more.


Spring Series: “Ordinary Joy in Extraordinary Times”

Throughout the shutdown, we’ve seen countless examples of people finding ways to share joy, encouragement and happiness. This season continues to be a difficult time for many, but how is that we are able to find joy even in the midst of a pandemic? In this series, we talked about daily practices to help us bring a deeper sense of peace, calm and joy so that we can experience God’s presence more fully. As part of our series, we also deconstructed some of the misinterpretations about joy and Christianity, and looked at what scripture and Jesus actually tell us about why tending to joy is an important part of practicing our faith. Learn more.


Lenten Series: “The Stones are Crying Out”

If there’s one thing today that can unify and inspire us all, it’s the earth. As our scriptures say, rocks cry out, creation groans and the trees of the field clap their hands. Creation is trying to get our attention. We have much to learn from God’s good earth and so much that needs to be done to heal our most amazing gift. During the reflective season of Lent, we focused on looking at and celebrating the elements of creation, what they can teach us and what we can do to live more sustainably and honorably in God’s miraculous world. Learn more.

Love, Sex & Relationships

There aren’t many things in life more amazing, important, mysterious, painful and provocative than sexuality, love and relationships. So, for several weeks, we spent time talking about and working through this important facet of our social, human condition as a community of faith. Learn more.

Biblical Character(s)

A New Year gives us the chance to re-boot our lives to ensure we live the year ahead according to the values and hopes we affirm. Sometimes this means minor tweaks, some years it means we need to make transformational changes. In our January sermon series, we looked at a few Biblical characters who experienced life changes and personal transformation – and extracted principles and tactics that we can employ in our own lives. Learn more.


In our Advent 2019 series, we talked about how Christ might influence us as we navigate complex relationships and emotions with family, and how God deconstructs and widens the definition of “family.”  Learn more.


As we approach the holidays and Black Friday, we’ll hear an increasing number of messages telling us that accumulating stuff is key to our happiness. Yet, for many of us, dealing with more stuff just means we have less time for the things we truly value. In our Simplicity series, we’re talking about the distractions that may be consuming our time so that we can cut back and make sure we’re living according to our values. Learn more.

Art & Faith

Practicing our faith and experiencing the sacred are not confined to designated times and spaces. In this series, we explored the powerful ways we can engage with God through dance, rhyme, recipes, paint and music to help us connect with the sublime joy and community of creation that surrounds us. Learn more.

Strengthening Your Spiritual Core

Our summer 2019 series focused on what it means to build a strong spiritual core. With a strong core, all our parts are better able to work in balance. Similarly, if we make time to strengthen the core of our identity and convictions, we are better able to withstand provocations and views that hit us from all sides — while remaining caring, confident and humble. By building the strength of our moral and spiritual core, the Spirit gives us strength to balance (seemingly) opposing views more easily and in line with our faith and principles.  Learn more.

What Do My Neighbors Say About Me?

In our spring 2019 series, we talked about if and how our beliefs and convictions make a difference in how we interact with the various neighborhoods of our lives. Do we need to build new routines and practices into our lives to be more intentional about embodying values and convictions we claim like love, grace, justice and hope? Learn more.

America’s Original Sin

During the season of Lent, our community looked at the effects of racism in our society and in our own lives. We talked about how one of the basics of our faith — that we are inherently good and inherently flawed — can help us confess sins like racism while clinging to the restorative hope and justice we all long for and share in Christ. Learn more.

Back to Basics

In this recent series, we asked a basic question: what would it look like if we tried to truly live out Christ’s Great Commandment and Great Commission: to love God, love our neighbors, love ourselves and go make disciples? Throughout this series, we focused on cutting through the distractions and getting down to the heart of our Christian faith. What are the essential beliefs and practices that define Christianity? And what changes might be necessary in our lives and our relationships if we want to truly live into God’s good plan for us? Learn more.

Advent: Coming Home

During the season of Advent, we shared God’s message of love and hope as we talked about finding our way home. Recognizing the idea of “home” is different for everyone, that it can change throughout our lives, we invited Second members to share what creating “home” means to them. Learn more.

When God Becomes Homeless

In our sermon series, “When God Becomes Homeless,” we looked at homelessness from varying perspectives and through different lenses. What can the homeless teach us? What does it mean that God became homeless to bring healing and salvation? And what implications does that have for how we do ministry in Christ’s name? Together, we considered those questions. Learn more.

Finding Your Voice

In the fall of 2018, our “Finding Your Voice” two-week series helped us look at whose voices are heard and which ones are marginalized. This series led us to consider how God is calling us to do a better job of listening to each other and paying more attention to those on the sidelines. Learn more.


Everyone knows that our souls dwell within our bodies. The more Platonic of us might even say our body is a necessary, flawed vessel that carries our thoughts and houses our spirit. And of course, after we make our way through this physical life, down here, we will be freed to live, up there, in heaven. Right? What if… what if all of these notions are wrong? In September 2018, we talked about getting to know our bodies and this body of creation in a new way, in a Christian way, that brings new meaning and power to the dust and skin we find ourselves in. Sound strange? Through our discussions and practices we worked to mold this strange way of thinking and being into a fuller, more grounded and emBODYed faith. Learn more.

Canoeing the Mountains

In August 2018, our series, “Canoeing the Mountains,” helped us look at how we can become flexible and faithful followers of Jesus as we follow the living Christ into unfamiliar and unexpected places. Our guide for this series was Tod Bolinger’s book, Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory. Learn more.

God in Cinema

In our summer 2018 series, we talked about how movies have the power to inspire us, offer us hope and meaning, confirm our understanding of the world, and help us feel that we are a part of something beyond ourselves. As we went to the movies together, we looked to see what we could learn from each other and God in Cinema. Learn more.