Second’s Faith Development Committee is sponsoring a trip to Southern Spain and Portugal in Spring 2019 with Lisa Ball. We picked these areas because of their rich history of religious diversity and multiculturalism — for over 700 years, Christians, Jews, and Muslims co-existed together and today, Southern Spain continues to be a melting pot of cultures, religions, and peoples.

Southern Spain & Portugal: Visit Granada, Cordóba, Sevilla, and Lisbon

For almost 700 years, Muslims, Christians and Jews lived and flourished together in Andalusia, a region in Southern Spain. Today, this region continues to be a melting pot of cultures, religions, and peoples. Come to learn about the history of Spain and the influence these three religions continue to have on this region and on the world. Experience the Alhambra and the beautiful Moorish architecture of Seville and Granada, explore the Mezquita (the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba), learn about the history of religion, politics, and colonialism in Spain, and spend time exploring the White Village of Rhonda and the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Tentative tour dates & itinerary: March 19 -April 1, 2019

March 19 — Depart KC/USA

March 20 — Arrive in Spain

March 20, 21, and 22 — Seville

March 23 and 24 — White Village of Ronda & Drive along the Costa del Sol and stop for paella on the beach in Nerja

March 25 & 26 — Granada (tour the Alhambra on March 26)

March 27 & 28 — Cordoba (tour the Mezquita)

March 29 — Travel by private bus to Seville’s airport and take a short one-way flight to Lisbon

March 29, 30 & 31 — Lisbon

April 1 — Return to KC/USA

In preparation for the trip, Faith Development will be sponsoring monthly gatherings, starting in August, where we’ll learn about the history, culture, and religious traditions of Southern Spain and Portugal and get to know one another.

For questions or more information, please contact Rev. Kristin Riegel at 816.363.1300 or