Project Antioch – How the Spirit of God is Working in Kansas City

The Spirit of God is at work in exciting ways throughout Kansas City. Sometimes this is happening in churches; often times the Spirit is at work in coffee shops and yoga studios. The Strategic Planning Team invites you to step outside the walls of Second to discover the dynamic ways God is bringing people together in community and helping them find a higher purpose for their lives. From May 20 to June 30, we encourage you to go with a group of 2-4 friends and visit a different church, community, organization or place where people gather for prayer, spiritual growth, connection, healing, acceptance, belonging, love, diversity…

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Join a small group to explore how the Spirit of God is at work in different corners of our city. Each group will visit 1-2 unique places in Kansas City between now and June 30.

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Then, record your findings and let us know what you experienced. Learn more about Project Antioch and access the online response questions here here.

Strategic Planning Team

Second’s building will be undergoing major renovations to make it a more welcoming, inclusive space for all people this summer. As we transform our building, we’re excited to explore how our mission and ministries can better serve Kansas City and the world. Earlier this spring, Second’s Session approved the formation of a new Strategic Planning Team to assess our current ministries and recommend new initiatives.

Strategic Planning Team Purpose

The purpose of the strategic planning team is:
(1) To critically and prayerfully audit and review all ministries and structures of Second,
(2) To honestly and prayerfully analyze the demographic and cultural realities of our neighborhood and city to see where the Spirit of God is at work. In addition, the team will clearly note societal and denominational trends and consider if and how those should impact Second’s future.
(3) To determine if the mission and vision of Second, which has focused and guided our congregation for the last seven years is still accurate and helpful, “A people being transformed by Christ to help transform the world.”

Meet the Strategic Planning Team

We invite you to meet and pray for the 2018 Strategic Planning Team.

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